Tooling has arrived in Canada and we are days away from production

Another quick progress update: The tooling is now in Canada and finally through customs. My manufacturer sent me a few shots of the molds as they were un-crating them ready for the first test run. The full production run should be completed next week with Lead Mates being sent out shortly after.

One of the two molds required. Hard to believe this contraption has taken so long to build but it's finally complete. Hot plastic at 90 Tons of pressure will be injected into this 400 pound lump of steel and out will come a shiny new Lead Mate!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and patience. I've recently had some work done on my car and my mechanic has taken over twice as long as he quoted, but after my experience with this I completely understand how so many little things can and do get in the way. I really do appreciate this has taken longer than expected and am working with my manufacturer to get the last couple of steps done as quickly as possible.

Once product is ready to sell I will have to increase the pricing from the currently discounted pre-order price, to keep my distributors happy, as agreements are being made to set the RRP constant for all sellers. If you haven't already - get on over to to order yours.

Jaan Hurditch
Founder and Chief Dog Officer (CDO)


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